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Training camp Accommodation

We will keep you busy during the daytime, the choice is yours in the evening, you will be welcome to join in with a group meal and or film, though if you choose to have some time to yourself that is fine, wherever you decide to sleep we are sure you will sleep well!


Youth Hostel

The village youth hostel is easily accessible and will be central to the weekends activities, the hostel itself is very comfortable and clean with great facilities – There is more information here on the website

There is 1 8 man room, 1 6 man room, 1 4 person room and 1 3 person room – we will try were possible to accommodate groups and couples in the same rooms, please indicate on your entry if you would like to be in a mixed/couples room or prefer same gender.


Village Bed and Breakfast

For those that want a slightly more luxurious stay – here is a list of local places to stay

We will leave booking any of these completely down to you, if you are struggling to find accommodation please let us know and we will help where possible

Accommodation in and around Lockton

Levisham BnB

Lockton BnB

Lockton farmhouse BnB

Levisham pub

Selection of holiday cottages

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