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Leaving teaching after 6 years was a big decision, but it has meant I have more head space for training and doing what I love: running. Having teaching experience means that I am able to help people learn, improve their skills and reach their personal goals.

Never a sporty child or teenager, I took up this ‘exercise’ thing because of vanity. I started to enjoy running after my first Race for Life in my early 20s and was advised to join my local running club. They showed me new routes, and took me from road 10ks to fell races. ‘Born to Run’ gave me the inspiration to up my distance and I haven’t looked back since.

Best running moments: Being there when Jayson won his first fell race and then the series. Seeing my friend Lorraine complete her first 100 mile race and telling me never to do it, then a week later telling me I HAD to do it! Crossing the line at my first Yorkshire 3 Peaks race and bursting into tears. Doing the same thing at the OCC. Having a transcendent experience on the HM60 and just feeling that I was in the zone. There are too many!

Favourite mantras: Pain is just weakness leaving the body. Sweat is your muscles crying…

Favourite running routes: The North Yorkshire Moors, coast and forestry. Anywhere I can switch off, listen to nature and feel peaceful.

Best races: I love all the Hardmoors races for the atmosphere and scenery. The Yorkshire 3 peaks for the same reasons. UTMB week and all of those races were outstanding in every department. Everything was beautiful, the people were a joy and the finish was the most magical experience. Transvulcania is the same: the whole island get involved and you feel like a hero crossing the line. Lakeland 50 is one of the best weekends in this country too.

Hardest Race: Some of my first trail marathons where I really pushed myself were very tough. Hardmoors Rosedale 2014 was the first time I knew I made horrible sounds when I tried really hard! The West Highland Way probably wins the title now though. Everything was bad: the start time, my stomach, the heat, my hydration, my legs, my head. This is the only race where I’ve been sick afterwards. Got the goblet though!

Top Results:

2nd lady 2017 Lakeland 50
24th lady 2017 Transvulcania
1st lady 2017 Hardmoors 55
1st lady 2017 Hardmoors Wainstones marathon
18th lady 2016 Glencoe Ring of Steall (never again!)
17th lady 2016 CCC
7th lady 2016 West Highland Way
2nd lady 2016 Hardmoors Osmotherley Marathon
3rd lady 2016 Dark Skies Kielder marathon
4th lady 2015 Lakeland 50
1st lady 2015 Hardmoors Grand Slam
1st lady, 4th overall and CR 2015 Hardmoors 60
1st Lady 2015 Hardmoors 110
2nd Lady (joint with Shelli Gordon) 2015 Hardmoors 55
1st lady 2014 Hardmoors Wainstones half marathon
1st lady 2014 Hardmoors Rosedale marathon
2nd lady 2014 PeakSky Race
1st lady Osmotherley Pheonix 2014
3rd lady Hardmoors 60 2014
10th lady and 4th Brit 2014 OCC (Orsieres, Champex, Chamonix) Mont Blanc
2nd lady 2013 Scafell trail marathon
1st lady 2013 Hardmoors Osmotherley marathon
1st lady 2013 Hardmoors Rosedale half marathon
1st lady 2013 Hardmoors Goathland marathon

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