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I discovered my true passion for running in July 2012 when I had a magical full 36 hours of running adventures with friends.

Best running moments, Far too many to list, I am continuously inspired and moved by so many peoples amazing achievements, from Mo Farah`s new 2 mile record, Jon Steele`s ability to endure when no-one else can, then endure some more. To all the first time marathoners at Hardmoor`s event`s – Pushing out and destroying the limitations we put on ourselves.

Favourite mantra`s; “It is never over until the finish line – keep pushing”

Favourite running routes; anywhere on the Yorkshire moors – this is home, freedom, beauty, life and peace.

Best races; CCC – I went through such a low point so early, then proceeded to feel stronger and stronger, hitting each descent flat out and laughing my way down, amazing atmosphere, emotional times. Also some of the Fell races, I love out and out racing and tactics – In 2013 the series was so close that I had to win the final race in order to tie the series with my nemesis Paul Butler, only catching and passing him in the last mile or so, I left nothing in the tank that day

Hardest Race; Hardmoors 60 – 2 weeks before I was in hospital with a virus, then bonked after 30 miles due to a culmination of errors including nutrition, I managed to hang on for 30 miles and finish 2nd to Jim Mann. I learned so much that day.

British Army 1995 to 2003, completed All Arms Commando and Artic Warfare course, served with Royal Dragoon Guards and 59 Commando Squadron.

Now lives in Yorkshire with amazing girlfriend and running partner Kim England, surrounded by very supportive family and friends, all the motivation I ever needed.

Top Results;

1st 2016 Montane Lakeland 50 (course record)

1st 2016 Dark skies Trail Marathon (course record)

1st 2016 Hardmoors Osmotherly Trail Marathon (course record)

1st 2015 Hardmoors Goathland marathon

5th 2015 Garmin Mourne Skyline

3rd Male 2015 Salomon Glencoe Skyline

1st 2015 Lakeland 50

1st 2015 Hardmoors Rosedale – New course record

20th 2014 CCC (Courmayer, Champex, Chamonix) Mont blanc

2nd 2014 V3K UK Skyrace 33 miles

1st 2014 PeakSky race

15th 2014 Yorkshire Three Peaks

1st 2014 Hardmoors 30

2nd 2013 Hardmoors 60

1st 2013 Osmotherly Phoenix

1st 2013 Harmoors Rosedale, Goathland, Roseberry marathons

2nd 2013 Hardmoors Osmotherly (first ever marathon)

NEHRA Winter Fell series champion 2012/13 and 2013/14


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